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The Sleeper

was created for a lightweight hunting experience by selecting materials that would assure lasting quality and tremendous value. While being offered in five Cerakote options, multiple caliber and barrel lengths, a customer can create a customized rifle for the aim of their hunt or objective of their shooting.


Different components and materials were selected by the team to create a product which could offer a long life span without denying accuracy. Listed below are the attributes the team believes the Sleeper stands out compared to other hunting bolt actions.

  • Action – An integral recoil lug is wire EDM’d, which ensures consistency in manufacturing & assembly, leading to also assisting with accuracy in shooting. In addition, a 3 lug bolt is utilized to allow a 60 degree bolt throw versus a traditional 90 degree, which makes for a quicker reload.
  • Single Piece Bolt Insures rigidity and durability for the lifetime of the rifle.
  • MagPul Hunter 700 StockBeing a pillar bedded stock ensures there is no stress from compression on the rifle’s action that could eventually decrease accuracy. It is also a lightweight option that makes an 8 pound rifle possible.
  • Heat Treated Hardened 4130Through the process of heat treating all of our actions, durability is ensured, creating long lasting rifle components.


Brace Built provides products that have considerable amounts of work put into them so our customers’ expectations are not failed. Every gun is tested by our head gunsmith to make sure quality is consistent and the value of the firearm will not disappoint. 

  • Lifetime WarrantyBrace Built stands behind the manufacturing of their products and guarantees customer satisfaction. We offer a lifetime warranty so that our customers know we believe in what we make for them.
  • Shoots SUB ½ MOAAt a $2,400 price point, the Sleeper offers a SUB ½ MOA 5 shot group with match grade ammo, which is difficult to find in the current market. With a SUB ½ MOA you are guaranteed the accuracy needed to be successful in your hunting or shooting experience.
  • Timney 510 V2 TriggerThe Timney 510 V2 trigger compliments the Remington 700 footprint, creating the perfect pull. It has an adjustable pull weight from 1.4 – 4 pounds.

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