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Cerakote is the thin-film ceramic coating industry leader and we are happy to offer our customers 5 free options to choose for their orders (O.D. Green, Flat Dark Earth, Burnt Bronze, Tungsten, & Graphite Black). Now, with our team growing, the addition of our certified Cerakoter Don has allowed us to provide custom Cerakote as well. Check out the 5 standard colors and the samples of custom work below.

Custom Cerakote work must be approved and will have an addtional cost depending on color choice, time, and detail. Send us a message and we can get back to you with a quote for the customization.

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Cerakote is applied to the handguard, upper, and lower from the option of our 5 standard colors.



Cerakote is applied to the handguard, upper, and lower. AR-10s have the option to add orange colorfill to Brace Built logo on the lower and small components.


Bolt Guns

All Brace Tactical rifles have a Cerakoted chassis and black barreled action. All Hunter rifles have Cerakoted accents on the barreled action.

Standard Cerakote Options

Every order comes with the option of 5 standard Cerakote colors to choose from adding to the customization of your firearm.

Burnt Bronze is a cocoa bronze highlighted by gold metallic.

Flat Dark Earth (FDE) is a medium flat brown with a slight green hue.

Olive Drab Green (ODG) is a dark olive, drab green with a matte finish.

Tungsten is a dark graphite grey with an eye catching, silver metallic finish.

Graphite Black is a satin black, with the perfect shine and finish.

Custom Cerakote

Custom Cerakote is always offered, however work must be approved and a quote must be given before order is placed. Checkout the Cerakote below of work that has been done for previous customers.


Featuring the Brace Built Tac Rifle with the ESG3 barreled action.

Twin Camo

Featuring the Brace Built Tac Rifles and ESG3 barreled actions; the Twin Bolts were ordered with Trijicon scopes.

LV x Gunsmith Don

The Brace Built Tac Rifle with the ESG3 action, this order requested a black Cerakote with gold LV.

We the People

The Rebel 6" 300BLK truly shows the 2A freedom and lets it ring with a eye catching Cerakote.

Blue Multi-Cam

This AR-10 features a blue multi-cam, with custom mixed Grey, Graphite Black, and Blue.

Rattlesnake Camo

This AR-10 features a desert Rattlesnake camo.
distressed camo

5 Color - Distressed Camo

This 5 color distressed camo doesn't only stay on the pistol it was also applied to the suppressor and scope.
Tigerstripe cover photo

Tiger Stripe

The BB Rebel 11" pistol was Cerakoted with O.D. Green, Copper Suede, & Graphite Black.