Enhancing the way you shoot,
carry, and hunt the Texas way. 

Providing premium, customizable firearms at
a price that everyone can afford.




Our goal is to provide a personal shopping experience through our excellent customer service and multiple variations we offer.

With a team of gunsmiths, programmers, and machinists, we design, manufacture, build, and Cerakote at our shop in Garland, TX. Brace Built firearms are available in your preferred calibers, barrel lengths, and Cerakote.


Our Story

Brace Built, originally Brace Manufacturing was founded in 2017 by Matt Brace, along with his wife Nicki. Before starting their own business, Matt was working in the metals industry for twenty-seven years and Nicki has been an avid yoga instructor for over twenty years. Over time they have built a hardworking team that has supported them while their business emerged. Now, Brace Built sells its merchandise out of its manufacturing facility in Garland, Texas. For the future, Matt, Nicki, and the team will continue working on establishing their footprint in the manufacturing and selling of firearms.

Amazing company. I started out with a MC6 when they first started making them. I now have 3 of their rifles and look forward to purchasing more. 2 - MC6. 1 - MC7. I won’t purchase any other brand because I’m content with how reliable these are. I was also Lucky to meet Gabe, and he showed me around their facility and gave me a history lesson on how brace built started as well as the step by step process how they make their rifles. Successful businesses start and survive on customer service. Thanks Brace Built for your friendship and business. Can’t wait for my next purchase.

Chris Prudhomme

Awesome company with great customer service. Anna and Rachel were extremely accommodating and helpful throughout the entire purchasing process. Extremely high quality rifles and very accurate! I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a great rifle.

Austin Gambino

From raw materials to the finished product, no corners cut. Definitely a TOP quality product! Impressive craftsmanship here.

Jarod Lewelling

Great company and great rifles. I’ve enjoyed shooting mine and the accuracy is superb!! Highly recommended!!!

Brian Trussell

Great company, they make the purchasing process very easy! A+++

Marc Aukerman