Brace Built Mission

At Brace Built, we are hunters and shooters, and these are the five reasons we started building and selling our own firearms.

Overweight is Unacceptable

People have accepted overweight AR10s and AR15s and we believe more can be done with material selection and engineering to make lighter rifles that you are happier to carry all day or night.

Don’t Sacrifice Reliability

Most gun manufacturers think AR accuracy and reliability are direct tradeoffs, and we think you can have it all. We tighten the tolerances where it matters to ensure proper mating of the barrel and action for accuracy but also leave the tolerances open where it matters to ensure reliability when dust or grit gets in the operating system.

Accuracy Matters

Lots of gun makers claim sub MOA and even sub ½ MOA accuracy but it doesn’t prove out in the field. We think accuracy matters, we guarantee the performance of our firearms, and we recommend and sell the factory ammunition that will achieve the best results for our customers.

Field Proven

We’ve bought guns that look nice and don’t work and guns that work great but no attention was paid to the aesthetic. Our systems are field proven and in use at over 80 law enforcement entities in the USA including Dallas PD and Las Vegas PD where they were chosen for their accuracy, weight, and reliability by departments that had many choices. Additionally, our systems look and feel premium because they are - we use the best materials, components, finishes, and designs possible.

Service Matters

Finally, we care about customer service and have too often been let down by brands who either don’t have qualified people to answer our questions or don’t answer the phone at all. We listen to customers, we talk to shooters, police departments, and military units, and we incorporate customer feedback into our designs. One of the benefits of being a small business is that our customers can talk to a person who cares. We guarantee we will turn around anything we have to fix in 48 hours or less.

Our Story

Brace Built, originally Brace Manufacturing was founded in 2017 by Matt Brace, along with his wife Nicki. Before starting their own business, Matt was working in the metals industry for twenty-seven years and Nicki has been an avid yoga instructor for over twenty years. Over time they have built a hardworking team that has supported them while their business emerged. Now, Brace Built sells its merchandise out of their manufacturing facility in Garland, Texas. For the future, Matt, Nicki, and the team will continue working on establishing its footprint in the manufacturing and selling of firearms.


Brace Built

We manufacture and operate out of our facility in Garland, TX.

540 Easy Street
Garland, TX 75042