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Aerospace Grade Aluminium


Did you know your Brace Built firearm is aluminum? 6160 and 7075-grade aluminum alloy is utilized to make parts that can withstand high stress and strain. We source the aluminum from U.S. suppliers and get our parts Type III Hard Coat Anodized, which causes it to strengthen even more. We chose these two grades of aluminum because the combination of durability and lightweight allows us to provide products that can withstand long term use, high performance, and not be too cumbersome.

Parts made from 7075:

  • BB Rebel upper, lower, and handguard.
  • MC6 upper, lower, and handguard.
  • AR10 upper, lower, and handguard.
  • Tactical rifle chassis.

Parts made from 6061:

  • MC6 PDW 6″ handguard
  • BB9 upper and mag release

416r Stainless Steel


416r stainless steel is the gold standard used for the Bartlien 5r cut-thread barrel blanks that we chamber in-house for our bolt guns. 416r is resistant to heat erosion, increasing your barrel’s life span. In order to further the life of your barrel and enhance the aesthetics, we apply Cerakote, the highest grade ceramic-based coating, to ensure protection from weather corroding.

Chrome Moly


For our AR lines, we use chrome-moly lined barrels because they are easier to clean, keep the barrel cooler, and offer sub-MOA accuracy. As well as giving your barrel a longer lifespan.

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