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We have provided frequently asked questions below with answers. If we have missed something or you need more clarification, please reach out to us at the bottom of this page.

Can I come to the shop?
Yes, you are welcome to come by our facility, however we please ask that you make an appointment before stopping by. You can either make an appointment by calling (972) 272-2016 or email [email protected].
Can I purchase my firearm and leave with it the same day?
We are not a traditional retailer that has pre-built inventory in stock. Therefore, we have specific lead times for each line of our firearms depending on our inventory and shipments of supplies coming in. We will have updated lead times posted on our shopping cart and checkout pages.
When will I know my order is ready for pickup or to be shipped?
When your order is finished, you will either receive a phone call to set up an appointment if you are picking up your order or you will be sent a UPS tracking number when the driver scans in the shipment.
What is the difference between the BB Rebel & MC6?
The reason for the price difference between our two AR-15s is upgraded components on the MC6. Our MC6 is equipped with a Timney trigger, Radian Raptor charging handle, SilencerCo ASR flash hider, and ambidextrous controls. Whereas, our BB Rebel has Milspec accessories.
Can I request a different Cerakote aside from the 5 standard options offered online?
Yes. Please view our Cerakote page to understand what we can Cerakote and become familiar with our team. Our certified Cerakoter, Don can give quotes from special colors and unique patterns.
How can I find a dealer that might have Brace Built products?
We have a growing network of dealers that are happy to check their inventory to see what they have in Brace Built guns. Please contact the dealers directly to know their inventory. You can find more information on our Dealer page.

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