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Who we are… 

Brace Built, originally Brace Manufacturing was founded in 2017 by Matt Brace, along with his wife Nicki. Prior to the opening of the Brace Built, Matt had been in the metals industry for 27 years. When the company first started, Matt was apart of the group which moved Modern Outfitters from Mississippi to the Design District in Dallas, Texas, while being part owner and manufacturer of the firearms for the store. After enjoying and learning from the partnership with Modern Outfitters, Brace Built went their separate way to begin selling their own merchandise out of their own manufacturing facility in Garland, Texas. Now working alongside their three sons and a great team, Matt and Nicki are continuing to establish their footprint in the manufacturing and selling of firearms. 

What we do…


When Brace Built started, the opportunity to have top-level service was evident. For a company that has production, assembly, sales, and customer service all in one facility it is accessible to have open communication between all departments. Leading to a team that will not let any question or concern slip through the cracks.


Brace Built firearms were developed from a family that has grown up hunting and saw the opportunity to make a change in the industry. The components that have been brought together allows Brace Built to provide competitive accuracy, lightweight, and durability. 


It is difficult to find firearms that are always dependable throughout the lifetime of the gun, Brace Built stands behind their products and provides a lifetime warranty. We want our customers to always be happy with their orders and know throughout the lifetime of the gun we will always be there to help. For us, the value of our products does not only refer to worth; but also to the experience our customers gain through using our products, the accountability that is expected from our customers, and standards we put upon ourselves. 

Thank You

Brace Built appreciates the support from their customers and community. In the next months to come, stay connected on Instagram and on the website.

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