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Videos from LunkersTV

The collection of videos Brace Built has been featured in.

How a Sniper Rifle is Made 12:22

Behind the scenes of how the Brace Tac Rifle was created and made in Garland, TX.

Testing Sniper Shots 20:17

Showing off sniper shots with the Tac rifle.

Shooting the Tac Rifle 18:54

Some footage of successfully shooting the Brace Built Tactical.

Deer Hunting 16:08

Brace Built rifle used to take down deer this season.

6.5 CM vs .308 Win 22:26

“Will a Human Body Stop a Bullet at Long Range”?

“Her First Gun!!!” 20:17

MC6 is a great choice for a gift with custom Cerakote done in house.

Introducing the BB9 13:08

Brace Built created the BB9 in 2020, our first 9mm.

“Extreme Torture Test” 28:52

Do not try at home – Rob puts the BB9 to the test.

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