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6.8 Western Introduction


As a new caliber, the 6.8 Western is most comparable to the tried and true long-action 270 Winchester. The 6.8 Western was designed for the more current short action rifles which offer more caliber options, a lighter rifle, and faster reload. Years prior hunters usually chose a long action rifle due to the larger calibers that have more velocity and energy that could dependably bring down an Elk or Moose. Now the 6.8 Western has captured the velocity and energy of a long action and chambered it into a short action. To further compare popular magnum cartridge specifications to the 6.8 Western, please see the chart.

To simplify the chart and make the main comparison between the 6.8 Western 175 gr and 300 Win. Mag. 180 gr. There is not a considerable difference when comparing the 500 yd Drop/Drift/Energy. With the 6.8 Western short action you receive competitive velocity and energy.

Comparing short actions

6.5 PRC vs. 6.8 Western

Moving forward to compare the 6.8 Western to another popular short action, the 6.5 PRC the Drop/Drift/Energy of the 6.8 Western stands out. The chart below summarizes the numbers that show why the 6.8 Western can successfully take down large wild game for long range shooting:

6.8 Western

Ammo Options

Winchester, 165 Grain
Expedition Big Game

Winchester, 170 Grain
Ballistic Silvertip


Winchester, 170 Grain

Browning, 175 Grain
Long Range Pro Hunter

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