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Brace Built’s core building blocks begin at the manufacturing and machining process. In order to supply customers with a phenomenal product, we first have to specialize in the beginning steps of the firearm assembly. Brace Built’s manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest CNC vertical milling and horizontal turning machines. The quality is assured by technical data, with the intention of all products to be structurally sound.

Matt and the whole team have built our spot in the industry by taking pride in our high-quality offerings and services manufactured in the USA. With excellent timing, we stepped into the market when the manufacturing industry was developing its technology. Therefore, we started with the latest resources to build our company on, now adding to our shop to continually advancee the products we would like to add and offer. As a result of being a new competitor in the market, we have only searched out the highest standards because we have all been a consumer and now, would like to offer products we are honored to stand behind.

CNC Machines

Computerized numerical control machines are utilized in our industry and many others for their speed and precision, ranging from fishing lure molds to aerospace parts. CNC machines have phenomenal accuracy and zero tolerances giving us the ability to perfect any part.

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