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Wild Mesa

Available Wednesday, November 24

Wild Mesa Inspiration

The inspiration for the Wild Mesa rifle line came from hunters Mike Owens and Justin Rackley. They have explored most terrains of the United States, as well as hunted Texas’ classic game. Out of our current lineup, we missed a cartridge that could dependably take down the largest North American game while also being applicable for regular hunting seasons. The Wild Mesa rifle line embodies the traditional hunting style rifle while utilizing current manufacturing techniques that have cut out weight and increased knockdown.

Built for Every Hunting Condition

Bolt Action. Like the past Brace Built rifles, the heart of the firearm starts with the action. Utilizing our ESG3 action with an anti-bind rail, pre-hardened steel, and the 60-degree throw allows the hunter to dependably rely on the rifle without freezing up or experiencing malfunctions.

Barrel. We chose the Bartlein 5R for the Wild Mesa rifle line due to the quality and precision in the craftsmanship in the barrels. Bartlein uses single cut rifling, the longest utilized method of barrel manufacturing. In production, the cutter passes through the barrel, cutting away a little bit at a time; this allows the grove depth to be adjusted and consistent. We contour the barrels to a Bartlein #2b. This contour enables us to reduce as much weight as possible while giving the barrel enough girth to cut the threads.

Stock. The Wild Mesa line uses a Grayboe Outlander, a traditional hunting styled stock. Weighing in at 27 oz, the Outlander is extremely easy to carry in the field. The two aluminium pillars bedded in the stock increase accuracy and relieve stress from the action.

Trigger. With a pull weight of 1.5 – 4.0 lbs, the single-stage TriggerTech Rem 700 Primary trigger will ensure precision and accuracy. The TriggerTech Primary trigger allows hunters to rely on their rifle no matter the weather conditions they may experience in the field. Also, the single-stage trigger uses TriggerTech’s Frictionless Release Technology that allows a zero-creep break.

Cerakote. For all orders, the Grayboe stock will be custom Cerakoted by @gunsmith_don. The Topographical Camo Cerakote represents the map of areas our hunters are hunting for this year. The stock features the following colors:

  • A black base coat.
  • First topographical layer or hunter green.
  • The second layer of camo is coyote tan.
  • The third layer of camo is sniper grey.
  • The last coat in desert sand.

Rifle Strap. To show Brace Built’s appreciation for the support in our new rifle line, every order of a Wild Mesa bolt gun will come with a customized leather strap made by Timeless Leather & Lumber. The strap will feature the Wild Mesa logo, customer’s initials, hand-done leatherwork, and shearling padding.

Colorado Mule Deer Hunt, 2021

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