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Gun Related Deaths in 2021


Gun Related Deaths in 2020


New Gun Owners in 2020


of Gun Owners Take a Safety Class

After watching and reading the news regarding the current focus on gun-related topics, we noticed a missing part in our company. A commonly overlooked aspect of the firearm industry is firearm safety! For a community that holds its Second Amendment right firmly, we also annex the responsibility to handle our firearms sensibly. The importance of firearm safety is not solely whether or not you can control your gun correctly. But to also understand the outcome or after-effects of using your weapon.

Current events discuss that the solution to protect the public from firearm violence is to get rid of firearms altogether. However, one person’s actions do not speak for a whole community of people. Our goal is to share firearm safety tips, start a discussion, and hopefully get everyone involved as well. We hope to represent a community filled with individuals who have firearms for their second amendment right and the different cultures it brings together across our country—ranging from hunting, shooting and competitions.

On this page and through our social media platforms, we will be sharing information about gun laws, discussion topics, as well as safety and training courses in your area.

We hope you gain more knowledge in our next posts, share information, and we can answer all your firearm questions.

Safety Sticker Series

Get involved with firearm safety! We are raffling off a BB Rebel with safety Cerakote.

Starting April 16, 2021, we will introduce our first safety sticker out of 8 total. The raffle will end on Christmas, and the winner will receive a BB Rebel with speciality Cerakote. Every sticker purchased is an entry; you can buy as many stickers that you would like. If you buy all eight stickers at once, you will receive an extra five entries into the raffle.


Come & Take It

The Texas Mentality

If you’d like, you can accredit the Texas Independence War against Mexico as the beginning of gun fascination in Texas. Starting with Mexico trying to take back the cannon, which was the Texans’ of Gonzales only form of defence…

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