Building better lightweight, accurate, and reliable premium firearms.

Super accurate rifles that are lightweight and ultra reliable are possible and we have proven it. Brace Built rifles have been adopted by over 80 law enforcement agencies and thousands of discerning customers.

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The Brace rifle line is the best precision sub ½ MOA short action, bolt action rifle – backed by exceptional customer service and a lifetime warranty, all made in Texas.

Modern Carbine

The Modern Carbine rifle line is the best precision, lightweight, sub-MOA gas operated, semi-auto AR15 and AR10 style rifles in existence – backed by exceptional customer service and a lifetime warranty, all made in Texas.

In my roles as a police officer and competitive shooter, my life and my livelihood depend on choosing the right tools. For my firearms, I look for reliability, accuracy, and and the lightest weight possible in that order. Brace Built delivers with its ½ MOA Brace bolt action rifles and sub MOA Modern Carbines.

Greg JordanPolice officer, 3 gun champion, competitive shooter

Brace Tactical

From the master craftsmen behind Brace Built comes a lightweight, accurate platform that doesn’t sacrifice reliability.

Our extensive experience engineering long-range precision rifles has culminated in the Brace Tactical line.  Optimized performance from the Brace action and precision cut-rifled barrels, combined with our folding, state-of-the-art Brace Tactical Chassis, provide a superior long-range hunting and shooting experience for a variety of calibers.

6mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm Creedmoor, and .308 Winchester

Modern Carbine 6

Simply put, most premium AR15’s are too heavy, and by pounds not ounces. Don’t settle.

The MC6 is a lightweight, sub MOA, 5.56mm AR15 that offers exceptional accuracy and reliability.  We’re proud to offer the best value in the industry for a light, accurate rifle that comes in at least a ½ lb lighter than the competition.

Modern Carbine 7

The highest performing, lightest 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester AR10 available to hunters and shooters today.

Our team has extensively tested all types of 6.5mm and .308 ammunition and barrels to find the ideal combination to bring a performance AR10 platform to market. The MC7 offers best in class accuracy shot over shot to take advantage of the ballistic capabilities of these calibers.

6.5mm Creedmoor, .308 Winchester

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Brace Tactical Chassis

The most practical chassis choice for the discerning modern shooter – all aluminum construction with everything you need without all of the costly extras you don’t.

We designed the Brace Tactical Chassis to compete with the best folding chassis systems in a the world, at a fraction of the cost.  Compatible with the Brace action or Remington 700 actions, the Brace Tactical chassis is retained left folding, MLOK compatible, has an integral 20 MOA rail, adjustable length of pull, an adjustable cheek riser, and integrated QD sling attachment points.

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